Friday, January 27, 2012

What time alone?

Sooooo...I didn't have any time alone on Wednesday.  Kind of a bummer.  Well, actually, it wasn't a bummer.  At first, I was downright ticked.  Bud decided to stay home from Bible study.  He just wasn't in the mood.  And really, I'm just glad that at age 15 he has a desire to go to a Bible study with a group of adults that are all not only older than him, but older than his parents, too.  So, I kind of figured he'd spend the night in his room playing video games or something like that, but he wanted to watch TV with me.  Specifically, The Office.  Considering we haven't been getting along lately (he's a 15 year old boy. Enough said.), I should have jumped at the opportunity to spend some down time with him, just hanging out.  Did I?  Unfortunately, I did not.  I spent the majority of the evening stewing because "My night" had been ruined.  Wait a minute.  Ruined?  Let me rethink this.  Hmmm...My teenage son, who only last week was telling me how much he hates everything I do wanted to spend time with me?  And I resented him for it?  I think I have some apologizing to do...

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