Monday, February 6, 2012

February is for Finishing

I recently started following a blog that I found simply by not knowing what to knit next.  Well, it's actually a little bit more involved than that, but it sounded better this way.  Anyways, I love post-Christmas knitting, because I always choose something small and fairly simple for MYSELF.  This year, I decided to knit myself a new winter hat.  (Aside from the Halloween weekend snowstorm, we had a late start to winter here in New Hampshire.)  So I was browsing through hat patterns on ravelry and came across the exact type of hat I wanted to knit.  Mod Cables Hat jumped out at me.  I had only made one thing before that had cables, and these cables looked...fairly easy.  I clicked on the pattern and was brought to Jeanne's blog,  Let me just say that besides being a talented knitter, she is also very humorous.

Last week, she posted this:

And may I say that I am so happy that she did.  She has put a challenge out to NOT start anything new in February.  Instead, the challenge is to only finish projects that are already in progress.  Here is the best part: WITHOUT ANY GUILT.  So, here are some U.F.O. s I chose to work on in February:

Let's see how I do.

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